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At the Cash Register


Elite Cuisine LLC

Cashier Procedure & Policy

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Elite Cuisine LLC

Cashier Procedure Policy

  1. Paper money MUST be left on the register until the change has been counted back to the customer and the customer has counted the change.

  2. You are responsible to post every transaction accurately and on the correct key.

  3. Cash drawer MUST be closed after each transaction.

  4. Every customer MUST be given a receipt.

  5. There will be no sales made on the honor system.No money to remain outside the register.Cashier stand to be kept neat and clean and free of all clutter.

  6. Cashiers are NOT allowed to accept tips of any kind.

  7. We do not cash payroll, personal or third party checks.

  8. Cash registers and cash drawers must be logged off/ locked when unattended.

  9. Use only your assigned cash register.You are responsible for all cash in your control.

  10. Cashier should notify management immediately of any problems with cash register.

  11. All employee meals and beverages MUST be entered in the cash register and the receipts and employee meal form signed by the employee.

  12. NO SALE key – Cashier must print a receipt every time the “NO SALE” key is used. Receipt must be signed by cashier and a valid reason written for opening the drawer.

  13. Refunds – Customer to complete vending or food service refund form and cashier to attach to register receipt.Manager to talk with customer if available.Cashier must ensure refund form is completed in full.

  14. Mistakes – Cashier must sign and save the original receipt with each void/ over ring.Excessive mistakes may lead to disciplinary action.Cashier will re-post the transaction correctly and give customer new receipt.

  15. Cashiers are not allowed to have personal items such as handbags, purses, cosmetic bags and coats, etc. at the cashier’s station.

  16. Opening bank must be verified, logged and signed on the cashier’s balance sheet prior to the start of their shift.Report discrepancies to manager immediately.

  17. All cash must be turned in to the office at the end of each shift with a member of management present.If a manager/ supervisor is not present on a shift, the register tape and cash will be monitored for accuracy.Both parties will count the cash and sign cashier balance sheet.

  18. All cashier overages/ shortages will be tracked.Any difference of $2.50 or ½% of total sales (whichever is less) over or short will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

  19. If a cashier is caught stealing, skimming or taking any money out of their drawer, Elite Cuisine will have you arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



Career Progression System

This program establishes a career path for hourly employees by encouraging and rewarding them for increased knowledge, skills and productivity.  In order for the cashier to be classified as proficient in their job responsibilities a manager must test their skill base and decide if the employee knowledge of the job is of a standard where the employee can be classified as certified in their job function.

Employee Name:______________________________________________ Date:___________________


Training Activity

Date Trained

Date Certified


Sanitation and Safety





Follows personal appearance guidelines for cleanliness,
uniform, name tag, hair restraints, gloves, etc.




Follows hand washing guidelines and sanitation and
safety procedures.




Employee Signature (Received Training)


Manager Signature and Date of Completed Certification.



You have been introduced to a lot of information throughout this guide and hands-on training with your manager.  It is now time to put your new knowledge to work.  At any time you feel you need additional training or have questions about what you have learned, please notify your manager or refer back to this manual. 

We are excited about you joining our team.  Remember to follow all standards and remember to keep the customer in mind when performing all job duties.

Congratulations on competing your training!

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